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Welcome to Glory of the Horde Wiki!


This wiki is about Panther-Anthro's map about the alternate lore if the Orcs won the Second War!

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Current Changelog

- Readded Thandol Span bridge

- Removed Rock Slides between Brown and Blackrock Spire area.

- Reterrained Blackrock Spire

- Reworked Ragnaros skills

- Reworked Thargas skills in both forms

- KT path now gets a few more free units to help defend against brown rushes

- Brown no longer gets free units for losing bases in Iron Forge.

- Lowered transport cost size of multiple units, mostly piercing damage units.

- Fixed some terrain pathing issues near Ironforge.

- Crowning Human Path Arthas to become King of Lordaeron now requires firing the victory event from killing Silvermoon, in addition to it's old requirements.

- Changed some Gurubashi armor types.

What Comes After all colors have 3rd Paths?

I'm sure this is the question on everyone's mind but I'll answer this: GOTH What comes after all 3rd paths?

Well it's quite simple really. Here's a break down version by version.

23.0 All 3rd paths over the course of the 23.+ versions and refinement of existing paths

24.0 : Total Daval Mode Remake, and QWER.

25.0 Archlich mode, and Research Tooltip rebuild.