The Second War ended with the Horde victorious, but during the war Gul'Dan and his minions sailed to the sea, to the Tomb of Sargeras. He and his clan weren't welcomed by the demons guarding the tomb but with more support than in the original Timeline Gul'Dan managed to get near the Eye of Sargeras. He almost died during the raid but in his dying hands he was able to grasp the Eye of Sargeras and transformed into a Lich. With new and stronger powers he raised his fallen comrades into his Undead minions and killed the remaining guardians. He then sailed to the poorly protected city of Silvermoon. The Elves were pouring all of their resources and men on the battle on the frontlines and thus the capturing of Silvermoon was easy for Gul'Dan. He also tainted the Sunwell with the Eye of Sargeras thus leaving the Elves powerless and him powerful. He made Silvermoon his fortress for the Undead and even captured some Human encampments nearby, the most notable one is the western part of Stratholme. Gul'Dan even sent the only hope of the Elves, the young prince Kaelthas, to Dreanor as a gift for his demon masters. With great power and even greater influence Gul'Dan is still not satisfied.


Paths is a special feature in GOTH, Pink currently has 3 Paths and is researchable at Silvermoon.


Gul'Dan allows Cho'gall to create more of his Constructs.

Special Events:

-gains various construct upgrades and units

-can capture Corrin's crossing

-can capture East Stratholme

-can raise Tirion Fordring from his grave

-can capture Tyr's hand

-can raise Axtroz


Gul'Dan, Cho'gall, Gutripper, Rakmar Sharpfang, Tirion Fordring, Axtroz


Gul'Dan has raised Hordes of Undead Minions to figth for his will.

Special Events:

Exclusive Heroes:

Undead Elves:Edit

Gul'Dan has raised multiple Elves and Elven Leaders to fight once more.

Special Event:

-gains various elven upgrades and units

-can capture Freedomholme

-can capture Corrin's crossing

-can capture Sunstrider Lodge

-can capture East Stratholme


Freedomholme corrupted by Gul'dan

-obtains Alleria Windrunner once Gul'dan dies

-Anasterian Sunstrider becomes a full hero upon reaching level 6

-can raise Tirion Fordring using his ashes

Exclusive Heroes: Gul'Dan, Cho'gall, Lana'thel, Anasterian Sunstrider, Tirion Fordring