Varok Saurfang
Position Leader of The Southern Horde
Age 57
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Relatives Broxigar
Faction Ogrims Horde

Early lifeEdit

Varok Saurfang was a member of the Blackrock Clan and has served with the Horde ever since he drank the blood of Mannoroth alongside Grom Hellscream. Varok led forces in the sacking of Shattrath, Stormwind, and everything between, never losing in battle.

When Orgrim Doomhammer seized control of the Horde in the First War, he chose Varok Saurfang as his second-in-command after witnessing Varok's efficient and brutal tactics on the field.Ultimately saving the lives of many great Horde soldiers.Varok went on to become a famed veteran of the First, Second, and Civil War Between The Orcs

Although the Blood Curse drove him to murder many innocents, Varok refuses to use that as an excuse: like many others, he made the decision to drink freely. Drinking the blood and his actions under the blood curse haunt him, and to this day he deeply regrets both events. Although orcs are said to be fond of pork, the sound of swine being killed when they are ready for slaughter remind him of the death screams of the draenei children, and older veterans like Varok are often troubled by the memory. It disturbed Varok so deeply that he has refused to eat pork ever since. He will not shy away from war, or hesitate to defend his people and the Horde.